Invitation opening expo Jirka De Preter ‘Magnet Mountains’

Thursday 27 September at 8 p.m.



Born as a scorpio in 1985, Jirka De Preter loves the number 37, but also crusty fish, Pantone 810 (or was it perhaps 811?), triangular sandwiches in busy gas stations (or rather very deserted, like on new year’s eve…), cycling while listening the same track over and over again, greedily drinking wine, following flocks of birds, blowing soapbubbles, excessively staring at the sun, turning vinyls, drinking more wine (or maybe whisky now?), eating sashimi (sorry, tuna fish), visiting very local bars, toothpaste with stripes, taking photographs with her mind, decoloured images on menus (only the blue could resist the sun), the sensuality of autumn, the raspy voice of Leonard Cohen and nightly painting.