Head-Fi Show at Wide Screen Audio – sat 10 and sun 11 November 2019

Head-Fi Show

Join us on Saturday 10 November from 10 am-6 pm or Sunday 11 November from 1 pm-6pm.

We will demonstrate not just the world’s best headphones but also a selection of the best more affordable models. You’re welcome to bring your own music and players.

Special offer: free STAX HPS2 stand (value 90 euros) when you buy a pair of STAX headphones.

Visitors also have a chance win a pair of Sennheiser Momentum over-ear wireless headphones.

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Demos with the exquisite Sennheiser HE1: the world’s best headphones Sennheiser HE1

In 1991 Sennheiser created what was then the best set of headphones in the world: the Orpheus. Now they have done it again with the Sennheiser HE1. The uncompromising philosophy remains the same: unparalleled sound and timeless beauty. Exceptionally designed. Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology, these headphones transform music from something you listen to into something you experience.

“It is a unique experience and a rare opportunity to listen to your music through these headphones.”

A Sennheiser audiophile specialist will be present to answer your questions about the Sennheiser HE1 and all other models.

STAX SR-009 / SRM T-8000

The very best of the Japanese specialist in electrostatic headphones (same principle as the Sennheiser HE1). The T-8000 driver/amplifier is also a lamp design. Be warned: the STAX sound is addictive!

Other highlights

Sennheiser HD820 / HDV820

We are very impressed with these high-end closed headphones. Don’t miss this opportunity, listen for yourself. We combine them with the brilliant Sennheiser HDV820 headphone amplifier/dock.


Fantastic high-end planar magnetic headphones with a wonderful sound. The Susvara is a striking high-end headphone that makes dreams come true.

MrSpeakers Ether2

We are very proud to present the ETHER 2, the latest MrSpeakers top-of-the-line planar magnetic headphones. It is a full-size design that weighs only 290 grams. These headphones combine comfort with the highest sound quality.

MrSpeakers AEON Flow

Available in open and closed version: these are affordable and excellent planar magnetic headphones. Comfort and ergonomics are remarkable.

Grado GW100

These are the first Bluetooth headphones from Grado and they sound great: a pleasure to use and listen to.

Grado GS3000e

The GS3000e are Grado’s best wooden headphones. The use of cocobolo wood results in a very rich sound.

Chord hoofdtelefoonversterker/DAC’s

Chord Electronics has an extensive range of state-of-the-art headphones / DAC combinations. The sound is always natural in the highest possible resolution. Perfect timing and the large dynamic range provide a captivating musical experience.

Chord DAVE

The ultimate DAC that is also an excellent headphone amplifier.

Chord HUGO TT2

Comes very close to the DAVE DAC – equipped with a new extremely powerful headphone amplifier.

Chord HUGO2

The nec plus ultra in terms of mobile headphone amplifier/dac’s.

Chord MOJO

Ultra portable – Ultra High Fidelity – Controls the most demanding headphones effortlessly.