Newsletter February 2021

The entire Wide Screen Audio team wishes you a musical 2021!

A new year also means a whole series of new demo gear. A selection in this newsletter.

Wilson Audio SabrinaX: only at Wide Screen Audio in Belgium!

Wilson Audio’s new SabrinaXs are built entirely of X-Material, renowned for its excellent rigidity and damping. If the Sabrinas were already impressive, these are taking their performance even further. The SabrinaX has been fitted with the Convergent Synergy Tweeter from Wilson’s top-of-the-line WAMM. The tight, powerful sound is a perfect match for the VTL S-200, the Pass Labs INT-60, the Hegel H590, … Of course, you can come and listen to all of these in our showroom.

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Accuphase E-280 & E-800

New in: the Accuphase E-280 and E-800, marvels of Japanese high end audio. These two integrated amplifiers confirm Accuphase’s reputation for attention to detail when it comes to build quality, finish and sound. Both amplifiers feature the new balanced AAVA volume control and they sound amazing. Come over and listen.

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Dynaudio Heritage Special

The Heritage Specials are very limited edition bookshelf speakers, hand made in Denmark with the eye for detail we’ve gotten used to from Dynaudio. It’s a classic design, but don’t be fooled: these speakers use the top-of-the-line drivers from Dynaudio and a custom crossover.

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With the new Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology, HEDD is causing quite a stir in the world of headphones. The HEDDphone sounds very detailed and fast, and combines the best features of dynamic, planar-magnetic and electrostatic headphones. Now available at Wide Screen Audio!

Dan Clark Æon 2 Noire

Dan Clark has further improved his award-winning headphones. New perforated cushions and a cool black look give this prizewinner a sleek appearance as well.

Dan Clark Ether 2

These much awarded headphones are now on demo. The Ether 2 is built entirely from titanium, aluminium and carbon, so these are light, comfortable and luxurious but mainly superbly sounding headphones.

Chord Ultima 2 Pre & Ultima 3 

Chord Electronics surprises again with this preamp and power amplifier. The preamp gives an almost transparent audio experience, the power amplification consists of two mono blocks of 480W each. As the name suggests, this combination brings every system a step closer to the ultimate audio experience. Now om demo.

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Stop by and discover these superb new additions with us.

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