Newsletter March 2021

Boenicke + Pass Labs + dCS: something special!

You need to hear this combination. The W11 SE+ speakers have the superb Swiss quality we’ve gotten used to from Boenicke. The amplification is handled by a nice set of Pass Labs: the XP32 preamplifier with XA100.8 mono blocks. The wonderful dCS Vivaldi streaming DAC with the Upsampler and Master clock complete this fantastic setup. Experience music like you’ve never heard it before.

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Klipsch Cornwall IV

The fourth generation of these legendary speakers have a new midrange driver and renewed bass ports, giving it more clarity and detail in the lower frequencies. The Cornwall IV’s have the typical hornsound from Klipsch, but these show that even legendary speakers can be improved. Always available for demos!

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Degritter record cleaner

The Degritter truly is the Rolls-Royce of the record cleaners. This machine cleans LPs by using ultrasonic frequencies (120 kHz) to create microscopic vacuum bubbles, giving every record a deep clean. We have the Degritter on demo and in stock.

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We also offer a record cleaning service with our Degritter in the showroom, by appointment via [email protected] or +32 93 916 916.
This record had been mistreated for a very long time. After a heavy clean in the Degritter, it looks and sounds as good as new. Hear it in action here.

Line Magnetic LM-211IA & LM-805IA

With the LM-211IA and the LM-805IA, Line Magnetic proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good tube amplifier. EL34 tubes and the Class AB amplification give the LM-211IA a dynamic and energetic sound. In need of more power? The Class A amplification of the LM-805IA has got you covered. The newest generation comes in a stylish matte black finish. On demo in our showroom!

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ATC SCM20: Superb audio

The SCM20s from ATC are the entry level speakers from the Classic Series, but they sound amazing. These speakers produce a very detailed sound without causing fatigue, and have a very impressive soundstage. All of this in a timeless design. On demo!

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