Newsletter June 2021

Rega Naiad

What happens if you let the Rega engineers do their thing? After 7 years of development we finally know: the Naiad. This turntable was made according to the typical Rega design philosophy, but taken to the limit. A light but rigid plinth from carbon and ceramic bracing, a tonearm made from titanium and an aluminiumoxide platter make the Naiad an incredible experience to listen and look at.

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The Big Four

June is the month of the big four, all on demo in our showroom: McIntosh MA12000, Pass Labs INT-250, Accuphase E-800 and Hegel H590.

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McIntosh MA12000

The MA12000 is a hybrid mastodont that sounds as good as its weight. The most powerful integrated amplifier ever from McIntosh: 350 watts per channel and a plethora of digital and analogue connections make this a full option amp.

Pass Labs INT-250

The INT-250 was developed from the .8 series of power amplifiers. This integrated amplifier delivers 250 watts per channel, the first 15 watts in class A. This is the analogue power and quality we’ve gotten used to from Pass, and to cite one of the many positive reviews: It’s a musical force of nature.

Accuphase E-800

The new integrated flagship from Accuphase confirms their excellent reputation. The pre amp section has the famous AAVA volume control, the power amp section has six parallel push-pull MOSFET’s in class A. The very high damping factor and ultra low noise show this is a technical masterpiece.

Hegel H590

The last of our big four, but certainly not the least. The H590 is the top of the line of integrated amplifiers. It combines the power amplification technology from the H30 like the patented SoundEngine 2 with a very versatile pre amplifier with seven digital and five analogue inputs. It also supports uPnP, MQA, Airplay and Spotify Connect.

Klipsch Forte IV: Vintage design, modern technology 

Besides the Cornwall IV and the Heresy IV, we now also have the Forte IV on demo.
The Forte was first introduced in 1985. Klipsch kept the elegant and slim looks but the technology used in the IV is everything but vintage. With a very high sensitivity of 99dB the three drivers of the Forte IV don’t need much power to sound tight and loud. Add to that the 15 inch passive radiator, the typical horn loaded tweeter and the titanium diaphragm of the midrange driver and you get the typical Klipsch sound in a new generation of excellent speakers.

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Harbeth XD-series

After the success of the 40th anniversary speakers and the undiminished demand, Harbeth decided to upgrade the current models. The XD-series uses the same upgraded condensators and internal wiring of the limited anniversary-series, and the crossover of the P3ESR XD was upgraded. We have the Monitor 30.2, the P3ESR en the HL5 on demo.

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Naim Mu-so Wood Edition 

The popular Mu-so is now also available in a stylish light oak finish. The same top technology, but with an elegant wood look!

Grado X-series

The new generation of Grado Prestige has arrived: the X-series. The headphones from this range got completely redesigned drivers while keeping the classic Grado sound with their famous midrange. The X-series also have a new headband and cables. Definitely worth the upgrade!

You can come listen to the full range of X-series in our showroom.


From june to september our showroom will be closed on Sunday, except by appointment.
These are the new opening hours:

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