Naim Solstice event: Sunday 14 November from 2-5 pm

Discover the magic of the Solstice with a state-of-the-art Naim system: the NAP300 in combination with the NAC-282 and Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers on Sunday 14 November from 2 to 5 pm.

Naim continues to reinvent itself. 50 years after their launch they present the Solstice, their first turntable. The Solstice is made entirely according to the Naim philosophy, with multiple levels of mechanical decoupling and the use of excellent materials such as tungsten and carbon.

The Solstice also has the latest generation of the Aro tonearm, with an Equinox MC cartridge and a custom phonostage and power supply for both the phono stage and the turntable. Naim has limited the Solstice to 500 pieces worldwide, one of which has arrived at our showroom.

Bring your own favourite vinyl for an ultrasonic cleaning and a spin on the Solstice.

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