Newsletter: March 2023 – dCS, Boenicke & JBL

dCS now also announces the APEX upgrade for the Bartók.

After the Rossini and the Vivaldi, an APEX upgrade for the dCS Bártok now follows. The APEX Ring DAC is a new, improved version of the dCS Ring DAC: the digital-to-analog conversion system found in all dCS DACs. 

In the APEX upgrade, dCS reconfigured the Ring DAC’s circuit board and developed a new analog output stage that creates even more dynamics, detail and finesse in the sound. 

As of now, the new generation of the Bartók is equipped with the new Ring DAC APEX hardware as standard. Existing Bártok owners can also upgrade their devices with the Ring DAC APEX hardware. Your current device will then be sent to the supplier where it will be fitted with the new APEX hardware and an official APEX label to prove that the device has been upgraded.

The APEX upgrade for Bártok owners will be available from March at a cost of €9900.

Contact us at +32 (0)9 3 916 916 or for more information.

dCS Lina on demo in our showroom! 

We were already aware that the Lina system is phenomenal for driving headphones, but a comparison with the dCS Bártok shows that the individual Lina DAC component also performs very strongly in a classic speaker-amplifier system. This makes the Lina the most affordable DAC from dCS while not compromising on exceptional performance.

dCS Lina Network DAC: €14.750

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

Boenicke announces a high-quality center speaker!

The new Boenicke center speaker is designed to provide a center channel that matches the sonic characterics of Boenicke’s existing models. 

With custom made drivers and a high-quality wooden cabinet, this Swiss made center speaker is an ideal choice for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles looking to add an extra dimension to their listening experience. 

More info can be found here.

JBL Classic Series Limited High Gloss Black Edition is now available!

In addition to the exclusive design, a number of technical improvements have been made, such as a reinforced enclosure, a further refined crossover that makes the woofer even more powerful and a high-quality bi-wire connection for the L100 and L82 models.

Overview of the different models:

Contact us at +32 (0)9 3 916 916 or for more information.