STAX Japan introduce the SRM-D10, the world’s first compact DAC / electrostatic amp unit. High-performance DAC for PC / Mac and variety of digital audio sources, from the desktop part of the amplifier can be adapted STAX mainstream electrostatic earspeakers. Now you can take the SRM-D10 to your home, office, or out door and enjoy the superb sound from STAX anytime, and anywhere you go.

Portable amplifier for STAX electrostatic earspeaker with built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack.

Full Aluminium case with multiple processes to achieve velvet feeling.

XMOS USB interface supports DSD 5.6MHz signal playback and PCM audio with up to 384KHz sample rate.Astronautic level high voltage amplifier for perfect high frequency response and constant good performance.

Well-selected internal components reflect high quality requirement.

Standard STAX 5Pin connector for all STAX earspeakers.
Wide range switching power supply provides flexible power handle capability.


●Frequency response:20Hz – 40KHz (+0dB,-3dB)
●Rated input level:230mV (100V output)
●Maximum input level:10V (minimum volume in analog input)
●Gain:53dB (450 times)
●Harmonic distortion:0.025% / 1KHz-10KHz
●Input impedance:10 KΩ(analog input)
●Maximum output voltage: 200Vr.m.s / 100Hz-10KHz
●Bias voltage:DC 580V
●Supply voltage:DC 14V
●Battery Operating time:4.5hour(analog input) / 3.5hour(digital input)
●Power consumption:6.4W (USB input)、5W (analog input)
●Recommended operating temperature: 0-35°C, <90% RH (No condensation)
●Signal input:MicroUSB digital input, 3.5mm analog input
●Net weight: 450g