The CH Way – First Principles

Each and every CH Precision circuit is designed with a single goal – to touch the signal as little as possible. It sounds simple and in some ways it is, at least on a conceptual level. But it also means accepting that conventional approaches and accepted practice fall well short of that ideal…

Providing the shortest signal path through a product is one thing; doing the least possible damage as the signal passes is quite another. One demands the smallest number of individual stages necessary to get the job done, with no inter-stage coupling via capacitors or transformers. The other necessitates multiple layers of electrical and mechanical isolation to protect the signal from noise and the outside world.

Every CH Precision product starts life as a blank sheet of paper, its task analysed, the performance parameters defined and the optimum engineering solution selected. There are no preconceptions. In each case, the chosen solution might be found in the digital domain or the analog, selected for its ability to deliver the best possible results in each given situation. The result is that no CH Precision product is either wholly digital or absolutely analog. Like a suspension bridge across a ravine, the road itself might be a simple, arrow straight strip of perfectly smooth tarmac, but the structure that hangs it in space is an incredibly complex and carefully balanced web, constructed from concrete and steel, cables and fixings, that isolates that road from forces both obvious and invisible.