Wide Screen Audio presents: Masterclass turntable elements by Audio Technica on the very latest and exclusive Wilson Audio Alexia V

Discover everything you always wanted to know about the differences between turntable needles. During our masterclass on 12 February, Sven Van Laere of Audio Technica will demonstrate cartridges in a range of price categories. And we’ll be listening on the cream of the crop: the new and exclusive Wilson Audio Alexia V speakers. All of this […]

Newsletter: September 2022 – Hora Audio, dCS Lina, Vertere, Linn, SPEC, STAX & Auralic

New at Wide Screen Audio: Hora Audio Mono The Hora Audio Mono is a compact single driver loudspeaker handcrafted in Japan with tremendous attention to detail. Although its efficiency is low, the Hora Audio Mono is easy to drive and achieves beautiful results when combined with the Japanese SPEC for example. SPEC’s amplification has a […]