Newsletter: September 2022 – Hora Audio, dCS Lina, Vertere, Linn, SPEC, STAX & Auralic

New at Wide Screen Audio: Hora Audio Mono The Hora Audio Mono is a compact single driver loudspeaker handcrafted in Japan with tremendous attention to detail. Although its efficiency is low, the Hora Audio Mono is easy to drive and achieves beautiful results when combined with the Japanese SPEC for example. SPEC’s amplification has a […]

Newsletter: January 2022

Price increases February 2022: Wilson Audio, Pass Labs, McIntosh, dCS Audio, Boenicke, JBL, Wireworld, … Recently Naim, Rega and Chord adjusted their prices, and now Wilson Audio, Pass Labs, McIntosh, dCS Audio, Boenicke, JBL and Wireworld have also announced a price increase due to higher production and transportation costs brought on by the Brexit and the […]

Naim Solstice event: Sunday 14 November from 2-5 pm

Discover the magic of the Solstice with a state-of-the-art Naim system: the NAP300 in combination with the NAC-282 and Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers on Sunday 14 November from 2 to 5 pm. Naim continues to reinvent itself. 50 years after their launch they present the Solstice, their first turntable. The Solstice is made entirely […]