Newsletter: January 2022

Price increases February 2022: Wilson Audio, Pass Labs, McIntosh, dCS Audio, Boenicke, JBL, Wireworld, … Recently Naim, Rega and Chord adjusted their prices, and now Wilson Audio, Pass Labs, McIntosh, dCS Audio, Boenicke, JBL and Wireworld have also announced a price increase due to higher production and transportation costs brought on by the Brexit and the […]

Naim Solstice event: Sunday 14 November from 2-5 pm

Discover the magic of the Solstice with a state-of-the-art Naim system: the NAP300 in combination with the NAC-282 and Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers on Sunday 14 November from 2 to 5 pm. Naim continues to reinvent itself. 50 years after their launch they present the Solstice, their first turntable. The Solstice is made entirely […]

New brand alert: Vertere!

New brand alert! Vertere is a British high-end audio manufacturer focusing on turntables and cables. You can read the many raving reviews, the people at Vertere know their stuff. The DG-1 Dynamic Groove and the Phono-1 MkII phonostage is permanently on demo in our showroom, with the Magneto and Sabre cartridges and some of their […]