dCS Event: Introduction of the Ring DAC APEX.

Earlier this month, dCS released the Ring DAC APEX. This new hardware is the result of months of intensive research and development, and improves the performance and musical expression of the dCS Rossini and Vivaldi systems. From now on, the new generation of the Rossini DAC, Vivaldi DAC and Rossini CD Player will be equipped with the new Ring DAC APEX hardware as standard.

In addition, existing Rossini and Vivaldi owners can also upgrade their devices with the Ring DAC APEX hardware. The upgrade will be available for purchase in early May. Your current device will then be sent to the supplier where it will be fitted with the new APEX hardware and an official APEX label to show that it has been upgraded.

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Despite the fact that the dCS devices already sound exceptionally good without the APEX upgrade, this new hardware takes the Rossini and Vivaldi to an even higher level. The sound has more detail, deeper blacks, an even larger three-dimensional soundstage and all that without losing the natural sound.

Watch the dCS APEX introduction video here.

On 9 and 10 April, the APEX upgrade of the Vivaldi and the Rossini will be on display in our showroom.

  • The Vivaldi APEX will be installed in combination with the Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers, Pass Labs XA100.8 power amplifier and Pass Labs XP22 preamplifier.
  • The Rossini APEX will be installed in combination with the Boenicke W11+ speakers, Moon 860A v2 power amplifier and Moon 740P preamplifier.

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